SPM 2016 (untuk tingkatan 5) SPM 2017 (untuk tingkatan 4)

BENGKEL SEJARAH SPM 2016; 21 OKTOBER 2016. PELAJAR SPM SILA HADIR KE SEKOLAH. PENERANGAN KERTAS 1, 2 & 3 AKAN DIADAKAN. EDARAN KERTAS 3 JUGA DIEDARKAN BERSAMA SET tRIAL 1 & 2. 1. Lihat tajuk SPM 2016 (tingkatan 5 2016) terdapat tajuk ulangkaji untuk Percubaan SPM 2016. 2.Lihat juga tajuk untuk bacaan Peta Minda, Modul interaktif, nota dan latihan. (label SPM 2016)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a millions thank you..


thanks students for ur sms, email as well your prayers... I 'll be alright.. for 5 cengal and other student.. sorry cannot help you ..last minutes before sejarah exam.. just do ulangkaji for all teh tajuk..we discuss before..

I'll be in operation room 2morow and only manage to get up thursday morning.. and the sejarah paper will start on thursday.. form 5 student, wishing you all... all the best...remember.. u can only score 'history' if u love history.. and love me.. (he he.. just kidding)

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Anonymous said...

pn noor arbaiah!! hi, haha. this is the first time checking out your blog, and this is also the first time coming upon a teacher who actually writes a blog! hehe. anyways, what happened to you actually? and how long have you been in the hospital?? anyway, wish you the best, and prayers for your speedy recovery.

-{an anonymous student from 5 meranti}-